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TB050-A  /  Top Bender

Product Overview
TB050T-A Top Bender

The Top Bender TB050T-A provides a generous capacity of 50 x 2 mm in standard steel pipe, NC programmable control for bend angle and mandrel function. C axis is effectively managed through operator input. Positioning of Y and B Axis movements is easy with provided table adjustments, mechanical stop and interactive DRO screen for displaying current position values. TB050T-A is the ideal solution for prototyping or daily production.

Key features
  • Mild steel tube capacity 50 x 2 mm

  • 1-1/2″ Gas inches (3.7 mm) capacity

  • 40 x 40 x 2,5 mm square tube capacity

  • Maximum bending radius 200 mm

  • Minimum bending radius 1.5 x Ø

  • NC programmable C axis with manual X & Y positioning

  • Two bending speeds

  • Programmable bend sequencing and mandrel retraction

  • Independent clamp and pressure die adjustment

  • Micrometer wiper die adjustment

  • Secondary hydraulic pressure die stabilization system

  • Quick change tooling reduces set up time

  • Tables available in 5′ (3mt) or 10’ (6mt) lengths; standard with pneumatic material clamping and DRO system for linear and rotational positioning

  • Base machine converts to accept Ercolina non mandrel tooling

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