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CML KOREA offers a wide variety of Ercolina machines to help you improve your business.

GB130CNC /  Giga Bender

Product Overview
GB130CNC Giga Bender

Ercolina’s GB130CNC Giga Bender CNC mandrel machine is ideal for industrial bending of tube, pipe, square and rectangular profiles to center line radius as small as 1.3D.

Key features
  • 41.3 x 4.7 mm capacity

  • 4″ Gas inches (6 mm) capacity

  • 110 x 110 x 5 mm square tube capacity

  • Maximum bending radius 450 mm

  • Minimum bending radius 1.3 x Ø

  • Maximum material length through carriage 6 m

  • Maximum material length in carriage 4.5 m

  • Programmable control with bend angles 0° to 180°

  • Programs in YBC or XYZ input value

  • Adjustable material springback setting for each bend

  • USB for unlimited program memory storage and communication

  • Quick change tooling for improved productivity

  • Standard with Ercolina’s patented (KST) clam shell hydraulic clamping

  • Operator friendly control offers easy to use access to auto and manual operating modes, system diagnostics and multiple language capability

  • Hand-held remote bending control

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